• How the nutrient form can affect how effective a nutrient is 
  • How Liposomes encapsulate a nutrient inside them to increase its availability in the body

Liposomes – An Overview

The dose is often the first thing that comes to mind when a nutrient seems not to have any effect. However, the form of a nutrient can affect absorption as well, especially if there are issues with digestion and other deficiencies as well.

Therapure products include only the most absorbable ingredients, which for nutrients often means that they’re present in a liposomal form. So, what are liposomes and how can they benefit you and your health?

Liposomal technology is relatively new. Using this advanced delivery system, nutrients are housed inside a liposome structure, which for certain nutrients, has been shown to make them better absorbed by the body.

Liposomal nutrients can work faster and are longer acting in the body, so you get more out of your supplements.

Here are 3 reasons why Therapure chooses liposomal forms (for the appropriate nutrients) in our products.

1. Less is more

With liposomals, less of each ingredient is needed to do the work. This means you can get a LOT more with only a standard dose.

2. A higher & faster absorption rate

Liposomal ingredients hold a higher absorption rate of nutrients and have greater efficiency, which ultimately means your supplements deliver their full nutritional potential. Put simply, liposomal ingredients skip the queue! They are absorbed through blood as well as lymphatic mechanisms which means it delivers the nutrients to your body faster.

Not only does the body absorb liposomal ingredients faster, but it also delivers the nutrients more directly to where the body requires them most.

3. Bypasses digestion issues

For those with impaired digestion, some supplements or ingredients may be broken down before they can reach the cells where they are needed (or nt be absorbed in the first place). However, ingredients in the liposomal form are better able to withstand these digestive processes, resulting in optimal absorption. This means even those with impaired digestion can get all the benefits, too!

Why Therapure chooses Liposomes

In summary, supplements with liposomal ingredients can have a more positive effect compared to regular supplements, since they improve the bioavailability of the nutrients within the supplements you consume.

If you want your body to properly use the ingredients in a supplement, then choosing highly absorbable forms is a must.

Therapure only uses forms that are highly absorbable and that your body can recognise. We also combine ingredients that work better when taken together – it’s one of the reasons you notice the difference when taking Therapure.

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