Sustainability and Our Oceans

There’s no doubt that any form of farming and gathering of plants and animals can impact the environment negatively. This is the basis for a recently popular documentary, Seaspiracy, which questions whether fishing supports the environment or harms it instead.

Although many concerns have been raised, the documentary did not cover the companies doing the right thing by focusing on sustainable fishing and ensuring that the environment is not harmed during both the fishing and the production of the fish oil.

Nordic Naturals and Sustainability

Here are 5 major ways that Nordic Naturals supports sustainably fishing practices:

  1. Using 100% self-created Biofuel in the production facility
  2. Safe fishing practices that support the ocean
  3. Recyclable Materials
  4. Non-GMO Ingredients
  5. Further supporting sustainable charities

Find out more about why Nordic Naturals is a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly brand in the posts below:

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