A Healthy Planet

With an increasing awareness and importance being placed on environmentalism and sustainability, many companies and corporations are making more efforts to leave a greener print behind.

This is especially important in industries that directly work with or affect the natural environment such as the oceans and the forests.

Nordic Naturals has emerged as an industry leader in this field with the use of sustainable fishing practices and support of small businesses among others.

Find out 4 great ways that Nordic Naturals helps supports the environment to create a brand and product that is green, clean and trustworthy.

1. Sustainable Fishing Practices

The wellbeing of the ocean and ensuring that oceanic species remain healthy has taken centre stage as awareness of issues such as oil spills, global warming and the disposing of wastes into the oceans has grown. Nordic Naturals specifically find areas of the ocean where the population of the fish is not endangered, alongside ensuring that their fishing methods do not harm the underwater environment or other species.

Continuous checks are maintained to make sure that no overfishing is done and that the fish can maintain healthy numbers to support the natural environment.

2. Non-GMO Ingredients

Nordic Naturals fish oils often contain a range of other ingredients to enhance the taste and preserve the freshness of the fish oil. These include natural flavours, plant oils, antioxidants and other minerals. These ingredients are completely natural and not artificially synthesised and are also GMO-free, meaning that they are as nature intended.

3. Recyclable Materials

Nordic Naturals uses glass packaging and recyclable materials wherever possible and also sustainable practices to ensure that as less waste as possible is produced during both production and transport. In fact, the production facility runs on 100% biofuel created from its own wastes!

4. Supporting Healthy Charities

Nordic Naturals further supports a range of charities that also value and support both the environmental and sustainable practices, thus making sure that both their business partners and their charities align with their values.

Find out more and view the Nordic Naturals range here.

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