Essential Fats

A healthy source and amount of fats is necessary to maintain good health. Fats are one of the vital macronutrients groups alongside carbohydrate and proteins required for the proper functioning of all systems in the body. This is particularly true for organs composed of large levels of fats such as the brain and the eyes.

The Right Source of Omega 3’s 

Omega 3’s are a specific group of essential fats that are incorporated into the cell wall of every cell in the body. Alongside maintaining the efficient movement of nutrients and other compounds in and out of the cell, they also have further anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions. However, Omega 3 deficiencies remain widespread in today’s society.

Upto 80% of Australians remain deficient or consume inadequate levels of Omega 3’s.

Although chia, flax and plant sources are commonly listed as containing omega 3’s, they do not contain EPA and DHA, the two kinds of Omega 3’s that have the most established evidence to support their effectiveness for various health conditions.

Instead, plant sources contain the Omega 3 ALA, which further converts into DHA and EPA. However, this conversion requires adequate amounts of other nutrients and enzymes which can be lacking in some people. Even with perfect conversion, only around 5% of ALA is converted to DHA and EPA, meaning up to 250g of these foods may have to be consumed to receive the 1000mg of EPA and DHA which can be found in 2 standard fish oil soft gels.

As such, consuming fish multiple times a week and high-quality supplements remains the ideal source for consuming adequate Omega 3’s.

Why Nordic Naturals?

  • Freshness – All of Nordic Naturals fish oils are processed in an oxygen-free environment to prevent rancidity.
  • Purity – Complete transparency in the production, creation and contents of the product. Certificate of Analysis is provided and all safety questions are answered.
  • Form – The more effectively absorbed triglyceride form of fish oil used, instead of the ethyl ester form.
  • Research – Nordic Naturals products are supported by more than 50+ original research documents, more than any other brand.

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