Common Issues with Fish Oils

A range of issues can affect fish oils as they are closer to a natural food than a supplement. Among these the ability of fish oils to become rancid and easily oxidise, along with the presence of a range of heavy metals and other contaminants which can lead to negative health outcomes rather than positives ones.

1. Rancidity and Oxidisation 

Fish oils are closer to wholefoods rather than synthetic supplements and so are prone to oxidisation and rancidity. These are processes where external factors such as heat and light can disturb the molecular bonds of the omega 3s within fish oil and make them unhealthy for consumption.

This is easily identified by the rancid smell of the fish oil or fishy tasting burps upon the consumption of fish oil.

2. Farm Fish vs Wild-Caught 

Fish oil for supplements often comes from the ocean or from farming compounds. Wild fish is related to having a better nutrient profile and is less likely to have a range of chemicals and pesticides built up, which can be present in farmed fish due to the chemicals in their feed.

3. Presence of Heavy Metals and other Toxins

Heavy metals and other contaminants can often be an issue with fish oil as fish can have a build-up of these compounds in their systems from the food that they consume, as well as the waters that they are found in.

Why Nordic Naturals?

However, in modern times, there is a range of processing methods and technologies available to reduce the rancidity and oxidation of fish oils, along with the contamination level of fish and a range of brands use these technologies to ensure that their products do not become rancid or oxidise easily.

As such, what is it about Nordic Naturals that sets them apart even among the leading fish oil producers in the field?


Nordic Naturals not only has a production facility that runs entirely on biofuel, but it also offers extra energy to surrounding businesses. Entirely self-sufficient, the waste from the facility is reused to further support the production processes.

From Boat to Bottle

Nordic Naturals is the only company in the world that controls the entire process from the moment the fish is caught from the oceans to the bottling of the fish oil itself. This allows complete transparency of all processes involved.

Third-Party Verified

All Nordic Naturals products are checked by a third-party analysis to increase the reliability and transparency of what is present in the products.

Backed by Research

The Nordic Naturals fish oils are the actual products used in research studies. Often in studies, a non-descript product may be used; this can mean that the results do not completely apply to other products. Nordic Naturals has over 50+ studies completed on its own products and as such offers more evidence for its products than any other brand.

Find out more and view the Nordic Naturals range here.

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