Thera Health represents an evolution in our branding that better signifies who we are and what we do.

Why Are We Changing?

The ResearchNutrition retail company was established over 6 years ago, at a time when many were uncertain about how to identify quality supplements. We saw a need to bring premium brands based on nutritional research to Australia – hence our name, ResearchNutrition.

While this is still very much our driving force, we have grown to be so much more than a health supplements distributor. Over time, we have become dedicated to improving people’s lives through honest and trustworthy education.

It is with this progression that we feel our identity should better reflect us – and we believe Thera Health achieves this with a more approachable and contemporary name. We consider this to be an important asset to the work we do with PR and education that supports our brands at a grass-roots level.

Why ‘Thera’?

The word Thera is a take on the word ‘Therapeutic’.

Thera Health: What We Stand For

  • We stand for trust. We understand that trust is gained not only through a premium product offering, but through truth and transparency.
  • We stand for education. We believe that the power of well-researched, accurate education can enhance wellness and change people’s lives.
  • Finally, we believe that we can set the bar higher when it comes to health.

We stand for vibrant living.

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