The Right Dose

Supplementing can both be necessary and a great way to support and help healthy lifestyles, deficient diets and health conditions. However, to get the most benefit from a supplement the right dose and form needs to be chosen.

The right dose can vary from one person to another as disease states, diet and individual variations all come into play. Here are a few commonly known doses for Essential Fatty Acids:

Recommended Daily Dose

The daily dose for a healthy individual is 500mg/day. However, with widespread deficiency, greater dosages are needed to bring Omega 3s up to optimum levels.

Dose for Deficiences

Upto 3000mg/day of EPA and DHA may be required for individuals wanting to reduce their deficiency level as well as counter the high level of Omega 6s in modern diets. As modern diets can be 15x more abundant in Omega 6s it results in an extreme imbalance of Omega 3s vs Omega 6s in most individuals.

Dose for Heart Health

Upto 1000mg/day is required for anyone who has developed or has a history of coronary heart disease. Even greater levels of 2000-4000mg/day are required for individuals looking to lower their triglyceride levels.

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