Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are considered “essential fats” because they are required for optimal health but the body cannot produce them. There are two main families of EFA’s; Omega-3 and Omega-6. Adequate intakes of these omegas are vital for our cells to function correctly. In addition, achieving the right balance of these fats is also required for proper cell function.

Today’s Western Diet can cause an overabundance of omega-6 fats (refined foods, takeaways), therefore disrupting the delicate balance —as over-consumption of omega-6 can push omega-3 from the cells. Therefore, consuming more omega-3s will help to maintain a healthy balance of these fats in the cells.

Maintaining this balance is vital especially if joint stiffness, pain and/or inflammation are common symptoms. An excess of omega-6 fats can encourage the body’s pro-inflammatory response, thus increasing inflammation, whereas omega-3s help to promote the body’s anti-inflammatory response. EFA’s are also a component of the cell membrane, which will help with joint flexibility and mobility. Clinical trials have demonstrated reduced morning stiffness and joint tenderness with regular oral intake of fish oil.

Research has shown that the safest and most effective way to obtain EFAs daily is through a premium high-quality fish oil supplement.

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