A Deep Dive into Cod Liver Oil Webinar Recording

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Karla Schmidt C.N., Nordic Naturals Educator (U.S.A)

Karla is determined to help others achieve healthier lifestyles by, first and foremost, educating them. As she often says to her clients and audiences, “knowledge is power.” She has enjoyed over 25 years of experience in the field of nutrition as an educator, private nutritional consultant, researcher, writer, dietary supplements specialist, and public speaker.


  • Why Arctic Cod Liver Oil?
    What Makes Arctic Cod Liver Oil Unique
  • Arctic Cod Liver Oil Uses
    Learn of the Benefits of Cod Liver Oil for Every Life Stage
  • The Nordic Naturals Difference
    How Nordic Naturals sets the standard for premium fish oil by managing every step
    of the process – from boat to bottle.
  • Live QnA with Karla
    Join discussion and have your questions answered