Gas and bloating may be natural byproducts of eating, but that doesn’t mean they’re not embarrassing. For some of us, our symptoms can be so bad that we stop eating some of the foods we love—but this isn’t the only way to solve the problem. There are many natural solutions for occasional gas and bloating. Since symptoms can come from a few different causes, we have four different ways to potentially ease that uncomfortable feeling.

1. Eat Slower

While most of us think of gas coming from undigested food, another way for it to enter our system is by swallowing it. By slowing down, you can potentially solve your gas problem before the food even reaches your stomach. An easy way to slow down is to ensure that we are not distracted while we are eating. Fully focusing on our food, without the presence of a screen, can ensure that we eat more consciously overall.

2. Intermittent Fasting

Always consult your doctor before beginning a fasting routine, but this can be an effective strategy. By decreasing your overall food intake, you give your body a break from needing to digest and this may help ease your digestive discomfort.

3. Take Digestive Enzymes

Many problems we experience with gas come from our bodies not properly digesting certain problem foods. By taking enzymes targeted at what our bodies have difficulty digesting, we can solve this problem naturally. While bodies have enzymes naturally, our modern diets can often benefit from supplementing with enzymes to best digest.

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4. Ensure You Have the Right Stomach Acidity Level

While many people know that too much stomach acid can lead to digestive discomfort, too little can too. By taking antacids, our pH level lowers and the stomach cannot activate the enzyme pepsin well, making digestion and discomfort worse. Both pepsin supplementation and taking fewer antacids can help increase stomach acid and the enzyme pepsin.

These few different methods can go a long way towards supporting the digestive system and reducing the symptoms of gas and bloating.


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